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The information contained on this website would not have been possible without the talent, assistance, and dedication of many wonderful people. I am very grateful for their help, support, and patience.

Justin Kestler made this website possible. I truly appreciate his dedication, ideas and expertise. He is intuitive, quick to finish the job, and extremely easy to work with. Thanks to Justin, we are now able to enjoy Cat Be Good on the internet.

Neil Feineman contributed greatly to the content of and to my sanity. Neil graciously stepped in to help write, edit, and organize this project to book form. His patience, persistence, and dedication were extraordinary. Neil’s allergy to cats makes him all that more dedicated to getting the job done.

Josh Gunn deserves special recognition. He turned a draft into a manuscript.

More than anyone, my husband, Bruce Delaplain, knows how to write down what I mean to say. His meticulous questions, reviews, and editing were critical. Also, thank you Bruce, for inventing the title Cat Be Good.

A very big thank-you to these caring pet professionals, whose efforts improve the lives of cats: Hal and Judy Abrams of; Harriet Baker of The Cat Catalyst; Rene Knapp of Helping Paws; Diane Dietrich of Blue Hills Dog and Cat Shoppe; Dr. Nicholas Dodman, professor and behaviorist, Tufts University;  Esther Mechler of SPAY/USA; Dr. Jennifer Conrad, DVM, of ; Dr. Aubrey Lavizzo, DVM, of Plaza Veterinary Clinic, Denver; Marge Satterfield; Gary Lowenthal; Willow Evans; Susan Easterly; Dr. Gloria Binkowski, DVM, of The Vet at the Barn; Dr. Kimberly Harrison, DVM; Jackson Galaxy and Dr. Jean Hofve, DVM, of Little Big Cat; Lisa and Sam Booker of Every Creature Counts; and Karen Gnaegy of Animal Rescue and Adoption Society

The friendship and support of dancers also helped make this possible. Thank you: Kenny Jimenez of, Troy Burrell of, and each and every dancer at Motion Underground and Streetside Dance Studios.

A special thanks needs to be given to the rest of my friends and support group: Constance Krupka, Sherri Brando, friends at Unity of Boulder, Kathleen Hansen, Sandy Sherman, Teri Kutsko, John Becay, Yolanda Hagan, Francesca Militeau, Joy Matey-Yetman, Aunt Irma James, and Mr. Jones.