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Scratching Posts, Exercise, and Play

Exercise is as important for cats as it is for people. Although cats sleep a lot, they want to stay in shape for the hunt. Cats pounce, jump, play, chase each other around, and scratch. These activities keep their muscles and reflexes tuned for hunting and pouncing, and also keep their psyches relaxed, confident, […]

Cat Beds

Cats sleep about sixteen to eighteen hours a day, depending on their age, health, physique, and personality. If neither you nor your partner is not pregnant, it’s okay to have a cat sleep in your bed, but your cat having his own bed has its advantages, too. Comfortable, easy-to-clean cat beds in fun locations […]

Cats and Neighbors

Neighbors can be wonderful! We can share common interests in cats. We can help each other when we go on vacation, taking care of cats and mail and so on. But not all encounters with neighbors are positive experiences. Our cats can sometimes cause us to interact with neighbors in ways we’d rather not. Occasionally […]

Lost and Found Cats

A lost or found cat situation is very stressful. Here are tips to prevent the problem and to help solve it should it happen.


Even the most cared-for cat may get lost. These are steps you can take beforehand to make him easier to find.

Get him a bright, reflective collar […]

Cat Litter and Litter Boxes

This section discusses litter, litter boxes, the best locations for the litter box, and what you’ll need to maintain your cat’s “bathroom.” (Note: If your cat has a litter box problem, please refer to Litter Box Problems.)

Litter Types

There are many types of litter on the market. And every week it […]

Cats and Coping with Change

Family crises and disruptions affect cats, too. Divorce, death, moves, dogs, new members of the household and even vacations can take their toll on cats by affecting their stress levels. This section offers some advice on lessening the strain on your cat when change happens.

As a general rule, whenever there is any […]

Getting Your Cat Spayed or Neutered

“Spaying,” “neutering,” “fixing,” and “altering” are terms used to describe the one medical procedure every cat needs. The procedure involves removing the sexually functioning parts of your cat. Female cats are spayed; male cats are neutered. Neutering removes testicles on male cats; spaying is a total hysterectomy of female cats removing uterus and ovaries.


Bringing Home a New Cat

Your new cat’s first few weeks in your home is a critical time. You’ll be laying the groundwork for your new relationship. And remember, “cats are like people.” First impressions are important.

If this is your first cat, get ready for one of life’s great pleasures. Cats are great! But they also can […]

Adopting a Cat

Adoption is the most fun and the most crucial of all cat decisions. But it’s not unusual to bring home a quiet cat and find out that he is really a talker—or, to adopt a cat that was born to jump and be hyperactive when you really wanted one that thought moving from one […]

Cat Safety

Just as there are things to do to make a house safe for children, there are steps to take to protect your cat.

Cat Toys

Be sure to keep string and yarn inaccessible. Believe it or not, string can kill a cat. Once a cat starts swallowing string, he can’t stop until he […]