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A Testimonial by Dr. Nicholas Dodman

Annie Bruce is a dyed-in-the-wool cats’ rights advocate and aficionado-good for her, good for cats, and good for you if you want to share in her insights by reading Cat Be Good. Annie lives for cats and champions their cause. If you were a cat you would want Annie on your side to campaign against […]

How to Have a Good Cat

This section is a condensed quick-reference summary of the most important points explained throughout Cat Be Good.

Diet affects cat behavior. Feed a wide variety of food (canned, dry, homemade, leftovers.) Exercise affects cat behavior. Your cat strengthens his muscles by scratching his scratching post. Spending time outdoors improves cat behavior. Unless there are […]

Cat Be Clawed

by Annie Bruce (author of Cat Be Good)

I feel so bad to be telling you this Declawed cats bite, they growl and piss. Adopt clawed cats is what I say Don’t mess with cats that aren’t God made. Clawed cats are smart and easy to train Compared to vets, cats got […]

Tattooing Your Cat

More than 2 million dogs and cats are stolen each year and sold to labs. Half of tattooed cats and nearly all tattooed dogs are recovered when lost.

How to Get It Done

Tattoo-A-Pet is a well-known pet tattoo registry. Call Tattoo-A-Pet at 1-800-TATTOOS (828-8667) and ask for the phone number of […]

Cat Maintenance Schedule


Spay/neuter—do not declaw Leukemia test Examination by veterinarian Distemper shot Rabies shot (ask your veterinarian about rabies shots that are less likely to cause cancer) Trim claws Give vitamins Microchip and tattoo cat ( Post sign in window for firemen; specify how many cats are inside Make provisions in will for cats



Moses’s Story

While writing the book Cat Be Good, I had to have one of my own cats put to sleep. Moses was a beautiful black-and-white, declawed cat.

He was picked up as a stray and taken to a shelter. On the fifth day he was scheduled for euthanasia. Minutes before being destroyed […]

Miscellaneous Cat Problems

In this section:

The Early Morning Cat Velvet Paw Training Stop Cats from Curtain and Screen Climbing Cat Spraying Indoors Problem Helping the Shy Cat Cat Cries Too Much Training Cats Not to Chew

Does your cat wake you earlier than you want to in the morning? Does he accidentally snag his claws in […]